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Established in 1986, PJ Meats Pty Ltd is a privately owned and proudly Australian company and is committed to quality, consistency and reliability with a committed team of highly trained staff. Continually maintaining and improving quality control measures PJ Meats ensures customers always receive a premium product.

P.J Meats are dedicated to building strong business relationships with clients by ensuring that clients consistently receive the best quality products at the most competitive price.

PJ Meats supplies directly to the supermarkets, retail markets, leading hotels and restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes. Offering an extensive range of highest quality meat products.
We deliver personalized customer and agent service, designed to exceed local and international client expectations.

Quality and Halal control Processed and regulatory compliance

Our quality processes not only meet but surpasses all areas of meat hygiene to ensure that hygiene in food handling, processing and preparation consistently exceeds industry standards. The company employs an approved QA manager who conducts on-site QA audits of our products and premises on regular basis to ensure that production remains at a consistently high standard.

The company boasts with its strict and controlled Halal monitoring by employing two accredited Halal inspectors on site every day. The company is also up to date with regulatory requirements of product labelling for identification white utilising the latest technology

Australian Approved – Export License No 297


Our Tier 1 export market access is as follows;

AL – Albania
DZ – Algeria
BH – Bahrain
CK – Cook Islands
CU – Cuba
EG – Egypt
FJ –  Fiji
GH – Ghana
JM – Jamaica
JO –  Jordan
KW – Kuwait
MZ – Mozambique
NC – New Caledonia
NZ – New Zealand
OM -Oman
PG – Papua New Guinea
QA – Qatar
SB – Solomon Islands
LK – Sri Lanka
TP – Timor-Leste
TO – Tonga
TN – Tunisia
TV – Tuvalu
AE – United Arab Emirates
VU – Vanuatu
VN – Vietnam



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