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PJ Meats offers fresh quality products at wholesale prices and includes:

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All staff are experienced & friendly with butchers on hand to cut products as per customer requirements.


Product Description Price Per Kg Quantity Total
Value Packs *NEW*
BBQ Pack 1kg BBQ Sausages, 1kg BBQ chops, 1kg BBQ steak, 1kg Continental sausages, 10 hamburgers. This pack WAS valued at $75.00 $65.00  kg $
Winter Pack 1.5kg Roast beef, 1 boneless Lamb leg, 1kg stewing steak, 1kg diced beef, 2kg premium beef mince. This pack WAS valued at $120.00 $99.00  kg $
Bulk Pack 2kg BBQ Sausages, 2kg Premium beef mince, 2kg diced beef, 2kg YG Rump steak, 2kg BBQ lamb chops, 1 boneless lamb leg, 1 Roast beef (1.5kg). This pack WAS valued at $210.00 $185.00  kg $
Premium Pack 1kg Porterhouse steak, 1kg Scotch fillet steak 1 rack of lamb, 1kg Lamb loin chops, 1kg premium beef mince 1 bonless Lamb leg. This pack WAS valued at $170.00 $150.00  kg $
Bulk BBQ Pack 2kg BBQ Sausages, 2kg BBQ chops, 2kg BBQ steak, 2kg continental sausages, 20 hamburgers. This Pack WAS valued at $150.00 $135.00  kg $
NEW***BBQ Steak $12.99  kg $
Premium Beef Mince 95% fat free, finely grounded minced beef. $13.90  kg $
Diced Beef Lean beef cubes for your perfect casserole $14.99  kg $
Roasting Beef Marinated Succulent and tender $14.95  kg $
Full Yearling Rump 5kg min Sliced & packed $15.00  kg $
Topside Roast Tender roasting beef, great in the oven or Weber. $17.9  kg $
T Bone Steak Quality guaranteed. Each steak approx 300grams. $25.99  kg $
Rump Steak Quality guaranteed. Each steak approx 300grams. $5.9  kg $
Porterhouse Steak Tender Aged Sirloin. Each steak approx 250gram. $28.99  kg $
Eye Fillet Steak Guaranteed to melt in your mouth. Each steak approx 200grams. $42.99  kg $
Scotch Fillet Steak Quality Each steak approx 200grams. $41.99  kg $
BBQ Steak Lean, tenderised steak. $16.90  kg $
Rib Eye Steak A steak to fill all your needs - 350grams $35.99  kg $
Weiner Schnitzel Sliced thin lean beef. $16.9  kg $
Stewing Steak Sliced chuck Great for stews, casseroles and slow cooking meal ideas. $13.95  kg $
Osso Bucco Perfect bit of meat with a bone and tasty marrow $13.9  kg $
Beef Brisket slow cook to melt in your mouth $14.00  kg $
Lamb Mini Rump Roast Very Tender and Lean $25.00  kg $
Lamb Cutlets Extra lean, tender succulent lamb. Great for crumbing, grilling or BBQ. $36.99  kg $
Rolled Leg Lamb Boneless easy carve leg of lamb $16.00  kg $
Lamb Fillets $30.90  kg $
Lamb Straps $30.95  kg $
Rack of Lamb 8 points. Extra lean and guaranteed tenderness. $34.99  kg $
Leg of Lamb Traditional bone-in roast, a family favourite. $13.50  kg $
Loin Chops Guaranteed tender chops. Perfect for the BBQ or grill. $18.99  kg $
Chump Chops Full flavoured and very versatile. Grill, BBQ, oven bake, casserole or curry. $18.99  kg $
BBQ Chops Value saving BBQ ideas. $14.99  kg $
Diced Lamb Extra lean cubes of leg, perfect for kebabs, curries or casseroles. $17.99  kg $
Lamb Shank Perfect for slow cooking $14.00  kg $
Sausages & Hamburgers
BBQ Sausages Traditional & tasty $13.99  kg $
Continental Sausages The perfect continental mix $15.00  kg $
Lamb Mint Sausages That perfect touch of mint for that perfect lamb sausage $18.00  kg $
Hamburgers The family favorite $12.00  kg $
Sausage Meat Perfect for making Rissoles $9.00  kg $
Veal Schnitzel $18.95  kg $
Mince Veal $13.90  kg $
Veal Stirfry $18.00  kg $
Diced Veal $10.95  kg $
Veal Roast $15.99  kg $
Stewing Veal $12.99  kg $
Veal Legs $9.95  kg $
Veal Chops $14.99  kg $
Veal Ribs $16.99  kg $
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